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Yet it’s an art form requiring writers, bloggers and marketers to craft thousands of headlines to perfect.

As someone who has been successful with creating content that goes hot across social channels I’ve come to appreciate the art and challenge of crafting sticky headlines.

In fact, crafting headlines is equally if not more challenging than leads and even content itself.

Something many bloggers have down, but communications professionals aren’t always fluent in, is the art of crafting headlines specifically for social news sites/users.

While there is no one formula for success, I’m going to share 5 things I’ve learned from experience as a blogger, social news user, PR pro and marketer. Work backwards – content first, then headline If you’ve got an idea for a piece of content you think will be popular or if you’v done your homework and researched the types of content that resonate on social channels, great – the hardest part is done.

Now jot down a title as a work in progress and create your content.

After completion, bearing you you’ve knocked out a winner, challenge yourself to re-create the headline specifically to resonate with your key audience.

You’d be surprised at how much easier this is than working on the perfect headline up front.