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Therefore, when it comes to determining the Atlantic City casino with the best slots, there is really only one statistic that matters: return to player rate (RTP).

For games in a casino, the odds of winning are expressed in RTP.

Essentially, RTP is the percentage of money bet on a game that the game will ultimately pay back to players.

If a game has a 90 percent RTP, for every $100 bet on it, a player should expect to win back $90.

However, RTP indicates the longterm performance of a game.

This means it may take more than $100 in bets for the game to pay back that $90.

Nothing is guaranteed, particularly in the short term, and a player may not ever see a slot’s true RTP realized before they run out of money playing it.

That said, RTP remains the best indicator of which casino has the loosest, and therefore best slots.

According to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement’s Atlantic City Casino Industry Casino Win Data For Calendar Year 2017 document, slots at the seven Atlantic City casinos operating last year had an overall average of 92.1 percent RTP. The average RTP is actually much lower for the penny slots that appear to be the busiest in most Atlantic City casinos.

In fact, the one cent and two cent slots at Atlantic City casinos had an average of 88.7 percent RTP in 2017.

The penny slots at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa were the best among them at 89.8 percent RTP.